San Francisco Bay Tour

The Bay Tour is one of the most incredible hours of flying you will ever do.

Get ready for some truly breathtaking sightseeing! On this training flight Greg will show you how to traverse the San Francisco Class B, the Oakland and San Jose Class C, and multiple Class D airspaces – all without irritating ATC. There is no "San Francisco VFR Corridor" so you really need to know what ATC wants, so that you can get what you want!

Local pilots know this tour is a guaranteed passenger pleaser, but there are always so many questions about the routes, stadium TFRs and radio work. Greg thinks that many pilots miss out on this fantastic flight because it can be intimidating. While it is a high workload flight, the sights definitely make it worth learning how to do it right. Your passengers will thank you!

Local Pilots: If you haven’t flown this tour, what are you waiting for? Contact Greg and he will be happy to show you how to do it right.

Visiting the Bay Area? Greg will get you in touch with a local aircraft rental and will show you the tour so you can fly it yourself like it’s no big deal. Contact Greg and he will get you set up.